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Choosing Green – The homebuyers guide to good green homes

By: Jerry Yudelson

One of Gentrac’s custom homes has been published in a nationally selling book for its green building innovations!

Now that we’ve learned how building science experts look at green homes and how homebuyers think about the purchase and experience the benefits of a green home, it’s time to look at how home builders think about building them. Figure 4.1 shows how the various features of a green home can translate into benefits for the homeowner, according to one builder. For example, a tighter building envelope lowers utility bills, results (along with other measures) in higher indoor air quality, affords greater comfort, produces a quieter home, has less air infiltration, may use recycled materials (such as cellulose fiber insulation) and is friendlier to the environment because it uses less energy to operate. You get the idea. Take a moment and consider which of the features and benefits might appeal most to you. Download full article.

Builder/Architect Magazine

Gentrac Homes was the feature for Builder/Architect magazine for being a leading edge custom home builder in Southwestern Ontario

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Builder/Architect Feature

The Tillsonburg News

First solar powered ENERGY STAR® qualified home in Tillsonburg
Gentrac Building Corporation announces all new homes built to ENERGY STAR® qualification with solar power and R-2000 upgrade options

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Gentrac Building Corporation presented Tillsonburg’s first SOLAR powered ENERGY STAR qualified home this afternoon. Located in Wood Haven Subdivision at 4 Wood Haven Drive, the energy efficient home is equipped with a solar PV system which both generates electricity and acts as a backup power supply.

Speakers at the Gentrac Green Home unveiling included MP Dave MacKenzie (Oxford); MPP Ernie Hardeman (Oxford); Tillsonburg Mayor, Stephen Molnar; Deputy Mayor and Chairman of Tillsonburg Hydro Board of Directors, Mark Renaud; Michelle Cote of EnerQuality Corporation, which oversees the ENERGY STAR for New Homes initiative in Ontario; and Gentrac President John Gilvesy.

“Energy efficiency, and renewable energy provide Gentrac homeowners with reduced operating costs and healthier, more comfortable homes,” said Mr. Gilvesy. “I’m very pleased to announce that all new Gentrac homes at Wood Haven Subdivision will be energy efficient with ENERGY STAR qualification, and homebuyers will have upgrade options which include solar power, and R-2000 certification.”

In a congratulatory letter to Mr. Gilvesy, Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer, Peter Love, said the solar powered ENERGY STAR qualified home was, “…at the leading edge of new home construction.”

Every ENERGY STAR qualified home is performance tested, third party verified and government backed to ensure it is energy-efficient. Through improved construction techniques, more insulation, better heating and air solutions, as well as energy-efficient lighting and appliances, they are approximately 30% more energy-efficient than those built to minimum Ontario building code requirements. As a result, they are more environmentally friendly, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 3 tonnes a year.

The solar electric generation system was provided by the R.E. Source Store in London, with support from Tillsonburg Hydro. The system consists of a 785 watt “Sanyo” solar array mounted on the roof with the balance of components in the basement. The system is “grid-tied” for the purpose of net metering with Tillsonburg Hydro, but does have back-up power capacity on selected circuits for up to three days thanks to the “Carmanah” back-up power unit. For more information on this system, go to

“It’s essential for homes with renewable energy systems to be highly energy efficient, to prevent all of the renewable energy generated from going out the window,” said Ms. Cote. “Gentrac is to be commended for their leadership in providing green homes, benefiting their customers and our environment.”

The 1,530 sq. ft. Merlot Model Green Home unveiled today also features 9 ft. ceilings, hardwood and ceramic flooring throughout, granite counter tops and cove mouldings, among other luxury features.

The head office is located at 18 Harvey Street in Tillsonburg. Call 519-842-9090 for more information or see

ENERGY STAR® for New Homes is a label given to homes that meet balanced, whole-house energy-efficiency standards, guaranteeing their owners significant energy savings. New homes that receive the ENERGY STAR label are approximately 30 percent more energy-efficient than those built to the minimum Ontario building code standards. The ENERGY STAR mark, used with permission, is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada.

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